Colocation Management

Neutral Approach to your Global Requirements

Simplify your datacentre strategy

The decision to adopt, extend or renew a colocation strategy requires the highest levels of trust.  At Neutrality we strive to ensure our clients have the full information available to ensure the best possible choice is made.

Our Data centres are fully redundant (N+N) and offer uptime  SLA’s of 99.999%, providing peace of mind for our clients
We have over 60 years of combined industry leading experience, Finance, Cloud, Enterprise and Telecommunications we help meet the challenges and opportunities facing our clients.
Single Contract for ALL your datacenter requirements
Any globally connected data centre is accessible...just ask us

Vendor Neutral

Neutrality realise the value of choice.   That is why all our global datacentres are fully vendor neutral, enabling our customers to select from the most suitable offerings

High Availability

Neutrality realise the criticality of our customers datacentre requirements.  That is why all our global datacentres meet the highest possible standards regardless of location

Global Choice

Neutrality objective is to provide our customers the best possible choice.  That is why we will ensure our customers our located in the best facilities globally