IP Access

Global Internet Access

Core component to enterprise cloud connectivity

Internet services are now a core component to enterprise and cloud connectivity. Neutrality deliver global dedicated, direct internet access (DIA) from speeds of 1MB to 100GB.  With most businesses now utilising the many different global cloud services, a reliable and secure connection is essential.  With our strategic points of presence and extensive carrier partnerships we can deliver DIA into 190+ countries globally.  

Many of our clients are looking for a single provider to deliver multiple ISP connects, our engineering team has years of experience dealing with RIPE/ARIN and here to support you in your applications for provider independent (PI) address space and AS Number, should you need it.

Any country, any bandwidth.... please share your requirements and leave the rest to us.

Connect Anywhere

We connect our customers via thousands of ISP's to any customer location, data center or cloud platform anywhere in the world.


DIA is an integral component of our SDWAN offering and helps us ensure the right balance between cost and availability when designing global networks

Time to Market 

With our extensive carrier partnerships we will chose the best on-net partner to deliver your services efficiently. All services will be delivered by your single, dedicated project manager, regardless of the end location