Ultra-low latency for Financial Markets

Global Markets Access

Constructed purely for speed

Utilising our extensive carrier partnerships & strategic points of presence in major global data centres, Neutrality have engineered diverse and redundant ultra-low latency connectivity to every major financial exchange in the world. Neutrality  support connectivity to established or emerging markets over the most stable and efficient routes, specifically engineered to meet the high-frequency trading (HFT) needs of the most demanding buy-side and sell-side firms. Neutrality continues to enhance latency to ensure market leadership across critical routes globally.


In the infinite race to zero, neutrality constantly evaluate our approach, engineering latency reductions and bringing improvements to our clients 


Time to market is key.  Neutrality deliver in weeks, rather than months,  this enables our clients to execute their trading strategies quickly and efficiently 

Cost Reduction

Fastest doesn't have to mean costliest! We work with our clients optimising their global routes while reducing their telco spend.